Jan 12

5 Reasons Your Cannabis Website Must Be Secure in 2018

If you think SSL Certificates and encryption are only important for ecommerce sites you’re not alone, but you’re wrong.

Trust is everything online. We want to make sure you’re aware of recent industry changes and new requirements impacting how customers and prospects perceive you online and, ultimately, decide if they trust you. Your competitors are just a click away if that decision is no.

Encrypting by deploying SSL Certificates isn’t optional anymore. Especially with respected authorities like Google, as well as the top browsers and mail providers, clearly warning your customers about unsecured connections. Aside from trust, which is a biggie, there are other negative consequences of not encrypting.

Look at these 5 Reasons Your Site Must be Secure in 2018 to learn more about what’s happening and why encryption is more important than ever.

  1. Google Gives an SEO Ranking Boost to Sites with Encryption
  2. Browsers are Warning Users When Accessing Sites w/o Encryption
  3. Browsers Only Supporting HTTP/2 with Encrypted Sites
  4. Gmail Now Warning Users When an Email is NOT Delivered Securely
  5. Popular Mobile Features Only Available Over HTTPS

The titans of the web industry have spoken and their message is loud and clear: EVERY website needs basic encryption! HTTPS is the web’s new minimum standard. While there was a time when an SSL Certificate was only thought to be necessary for ecommerce websites and other sites that collected user information—that time is over.

As of today, the 100% global encryption movement has begun and it will only continue to intensify. If your online presence and reputation are important to the success of your business, you’re sabotaging your efforts if you choose to ignore this rapidly emerging trend. 100% encryption is happening. Don’t hand your hardearned customers over to your competitors by not following through on something as simple as getting an SSL Certificate!

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