May 11

Building Impressions Through Effective Graphics Use for Your Cannabis Business

People process images 60,000 times faster than they process text, so if you’re building your content strategy on words alone, you could be lost in the sea of green in the cannabis industry.

It’s a visual world that’s often filled with information overload. If you’re a frequenter of social media, and even a social media manager yourself, you’ll know that it’s sometimes impossible to get noticed in an ocean of photos, links, and text promoting so many different things.

In your cannabis communications strategy, visuals matter, and your strategy to incorporate graphics into your social media and blogging can either make or break the impression you make on your audience.

Here are some important ways you can use graphics to ensure your cannabis social media and web presence gets noticed in the sea of green:

Understand What Draws People In

It takes 50 milliseconds for the brain to start building its impression. Think about what that means when you’re scrolling through a social media feed like Facebook or Twitter. Are you reading the post or Tweet because it has interesting text, or because your brain has quickly processed an impression that makes you want to read on?

Before you think about the content you’re writing, you should think about the way you’ll use graphics to draw potential readers into that content. Think about the overall visual appeal of your social media posts and your associated blogs. Do they stand out amidst blocks of text and other graphics people are being exposed to on their mobile and computer screens?

Design a Consistent Graphic Content Strategy

If you’re a user of Instagram or other social media platforms on which you want to look professional, your graphic content strategy will be the first impression that verifies you’re legit.

When you design a consistent graphic strategy for your cannabis content you will not only show yourself as worthy to be paid attention to, but you’ll also draw people in with the care you’ve taken to curating your images. They’ll want to read good content that is supported by carefully curated images.

There are several ways to bring consistency into your graphics. Fonts, color schemes, borders, logo placement, filters, and editing techniques allow you to build your brand and visual identity by elements that can be carried through to each image.

Use Relevant Graphics

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means that whatever you’re trying to communicate about cannabis should be supported by relevant imagery. If you’re trying to explore medical cannabis, don’t choose overly clinical imagery, but imagery that shows that cannabis in the medical sense is a formal process and environment. If you’re talking about responsible cannabis use, you may want to stay away from party imagery that shows people having “too much fun” with cannabis.

Pay for Your Photos

If you’re really serious about an effective graphic content strategy, dedicate some of your budget to purchasing high-quality stock photos. Don’t settle for a “labeled for reuse” Google Images search, when you can step up your content by purchasing high-quality, contextualized photos tailored to the cannabis industry.

You probably know by now that some of the “free” photos available to cannabis have been overused, and you can tell when someone has cut corners and relied on the gallery of Google. Don’t be that user, and pay for a subscription to Adobe, Shutterstock, or another stock photo site that fits your budget.

It may seem pricey at first, but it’s truly an investment in putting the polish onto your company that sets you apart in the cannabis industry.

Stand Out, Be Seen, Be Heard

Remember that people rely on visuals and it takes only a fraction of a second for someone to make a judgment about your content. Your graphics can be the difference between someone clicking on your link and purchasing a product your cannabis industry business has to offer, and choosing to just keep swiping through their content feeds.

Use these important tips and keep your graphic content strategy at the same importance as your written content strategy and you’ll turn impressions into clients and profits.

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