Jan 28

Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac. Does it help with sex? Tell me more!

We have our guide to sex on cannabis. Talk about taking two great things and making them even greater – that’s a synergy for ya!

Cannabis as an aphrodisiac

First, the pre-game. Given the right mood when the weed kicks in, normal conversation turns hot – really hot. When two people who are great together get high together over conversation, a new level of sexual tension and heat can emerge. You’ll trade sexy innuendo, inhibitions disappear, and your very words can entice one another like they simply can’t when sober.

While the conversation heats up, so does your skin’s sensitivity because cannabis heightens your senses. A touch can feel infinitely better than usual when high. Even the lightest touch can become the center of your focus, and lips pressed against you may send you into bliss. The pleasure areas on your body become beacons for your partner, and vice versa.

And of course, the ‘grand finale.’ Cannabis often means heightened orgasms for the woman. Even if you consider yourself an orgasm pro, some strains will take your mental game to the next level – and with the right partner new categories of orgasm are born. And for him, not only can ganja have the same orgasm-intensifying effect but it can also postpone getting there – prolonging the magic. And who doesn’t appreciate a longer sex sesh!?

But do be picky

We all know that cannabis is all about strains. Sex on cannabis is no different. Choose right, and you’re in for a night of hot passion. Choose wrong, and you’ll be napping side-by-side. Our advice – sex on a strong sativa can transform you into a porn star. Energy and focus that will have you performing like a professional. A strong indica, however, can take the occasion’s sexual tension and turn it into a fit of nervous, jittery giggling.

And beware edibles – they are very unpredictable! They can deliver the most intense, body-relaxing, orgasmic night of sex ever; or, they can make you want to spend your evening sobbing in between throwing up in a trash can. Edibles are powerful, so you should to be experienced with them before attempting to use them as an aphrodisiac.

Great sex builds a great relationship

For the couple that’s been together for a long time, stoned sex can bring you together in new awesome ways. Imagine when you’ve been high and really connected with a friend. It can be a moment remembered forever. Sex while stoned can produce the same feeling with someone you absolutely adore, and exploring new physical sensations together can do amazing things for a marriage.

And for the new couple, weed is a godsend for the anxious. Nothing makes you less ready for a good rogering like anxiety. So pick a strain known for its anti-anxiety properties, and let your inhibitions melt away.