Jun 15

Cannabis Industry – Your Unprofessional Business Ethics and Extreme Arrogance Needs to Go!

When I first started Studio 420 well over three years ago, I reached out to hundreds of cannabusiness owners to introduce my company and services. After all, it was a new industry and we all needed to connect and collectively work together to overcome the stigma associated with recreational cannabis and the perceived stoner mentality that many still have regarding marijuana consumption.

Studio 420 provides all custom design and programming work and we never use a “website in a box.” In other words, a cookie-cutter premade template. We spend a lot of time with potential customers gathering information for their proposal scope of work. This takes many hours of our time and our typical proposal is well over twenty pages.

To my dismay, I have been met with extreme arrogance and dismissal by well over 75% of those that I contacted and provided a proposal. No time for a courtesy reply, you’re too expensive or a simple “no thank you” or “go away” email.

So what is my point?

I am used to having doors slammed in my face after being in sales and marketing for over 25 years with Fortune 500 companies. However, there was always some level of understated business etiquette back in the day that I think many leaders in the cannabis industry today could learn from.

Why would you want to take my call anyways?

I have helped build and launch several successful Silicon Valley startups, was Managing Director of the Asia Pacific region for a Fortune 500 tech company with annual revenue responsibility in excess of $50M.

In 1999, I founded Planet Media, a successful Denver-based creative agency where I developed the business conceptualization, provided the capital investment, strategic planning, etc. for the company. I am a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of getting things done. I also have some pretty good ideas that might just be the next big thing.

So why should you care?

  1. We all put our trousers on the same way.
  2. We are all members of the human race.
  3. We should show a little more respect and little kindness in this rat race we call life.
  4. We are all working for a common cause and to further the advancement of the cannabis industry.
  5. So, should I reach out to you in the future, I will not expect to hear back because you are a big-time cannabis executive and too busy to take my call.

PS. This is not a rant or venting session. I’m simply sharing my humble experience. Comments are welcome and I will email you back.


Kurt Whitt founded Planet Media in San Francisco in 1999 after helping build and launch several successful Silicon Valley startups. He has over 25 years of experience in international business development, sales, marketing, technology and strategic planning with both startup and growth organizations. Kurt started Studio 420 over three years ago when cannabis was legalized in Colorado.


Studio 420 is a Denver-based cannabis friendly digital creative agency dedicated to your success. As an investor, grower, marijuana consultant, high-profile dispensary, lab, retailer, club, directory, or association. YOU are the backbone of this growing industry. Through smart use of the latest in website design technologies and cannabis marketing strategies, we bring your cannabusiness to the forefront and help make you a key player in the marketplace.

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