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Aug 24

ExpressionEngine Developer Opportunity at Studio 420

We are looking for a talented ExpressionEngine developer skilled in all aspects of web development. Our ideal candidate is highly

Jul 25

Six Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your New Cannabis Website

The following mistakes in website design clearly mark the amateurs from the experts.  Avoiding these mistakes is critical if you

May 30

A California Medical Marijuana Delivery Service – Case Study

The Honor Roll Collective (THRC) is a California Premium Medical Marijuana Delivery Service located in North Hollywood, California and affiliated

May 11

Put Strategy Before Functionality When Envisioning Your New Website

Some cannabis business owners cringe when they see the cost associated with custom website development. Often it’s because their web

Apr 14

Should You Go With a Pro For Your Cannabis Website Development?

Thanks to the rise of online website builders, it is easier than ever for even non-techies to develop a website

Mar 29

Marijuana Marketing: Morphing Cannabis into the Next All-American Beer

Since the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use, the approach used by marketers has shifted from one of

Feb 21

Want Some Copy With That? Why Ace Web Design Can’t Stand Alone

It pains us when we see a cannabis client who invests a considerable sum on developing a smashing website with

Jan 15

Don’t Hire Us For Your Next Cannabis Web Design Project

We firmly believe that not every potential client will be a good fit for working with our agency. We’ve been

Nov 9

Cannabis Brand Strategy and Logo Design Planning Guide

Studio 420 has created a basic outline for determining your branding, logo design and marketing objectives. Client input is the foundation

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