May 04

Our Client Denver Vape & Play Needs Your Help!

URGENT! Our client Denver Vape & Play needs your help!
This morning the Colorado state government is considering a new bill that will require anyone interested in opening a public consumption cannabis space to also hold a dispensary license.
Colorado SB17-063 Marijuana Club License – Concerning licensing marijuana consumption clubs.
This will drastically affect not only Denver Vape and Play but the entire brand new industry of cannabis consumption. This legislation will most likely bar anyone but the largest of dispensaries from opening a cannabis consumption space. Not only is this bad for business but this will be bad for the customers, these dispensaries will not be invested in a safe and enjoyable experience… just the sale of their products. We need your help in getting heard by Denver and state government, we can do this but we need you! Go to the following link and be heard, we also have a script provided if you need the help.
Tag your friends, tag your smoking buddies, tag your family. It would mean so much, the future of pot clubs are in our hands.
Please go to
And example script:
“I am contacting you as a concerned resident of the Denver metro area. I believe the dispensary tasting room bill is premature and irresponsible. The pilot program developed for the Designated Cannabis Consumption Area permit has not been given a chance. The businesses pursuing these permits are working carefully and thoughtfully to show the enormous responsibility these operators must have in this emerging component of the cannabis industry.
DCA permit operators staff are only focused on the customers; their prior cannabis experience, their acclimation to altitude, their chosen product and it’s physical effects, their safety, how they are getting home.The dispensaries will not be committed to the oversight needed for customer and neighborhood safety as this will be a secondary business for them.
Please give the DCA pilot program the time it needs to show the steps to safe social consumption. There should be no rush when the safety of our community is at stake.”