Nov 30

Delight Your Cannabis Customers to Keep Them Coming Back

(Part 5 of my Inbound Marketing for Cannabis Brands series)

A new customer is great, but your ROI will tank if you leave well enough alone.  The final piece of inbound marketing is focused on delighting your customer, such that you create a loyal customer and encourage them to become a promoter of your business.  How many times have you bought a product or service that someone you knew recommended?  They recommended it not simply because it worked, but because the brand delivered a positive experience. 

Build a great team and treat them right

Building a great team is the foundation of delighting your customers.  Hire people who are passionate about what you do, and who believe in your company’s mission.  Give your employees the best training money can buy and make them experts in their practice, in the cannabis industry and in your business.  Then remove their shackles by empowering them to take action on an individual basis to delight your customers, instead of bogging them down with burdensome company policies.  And finally, work diligently to make them happy, such that they want to stay with you and become a promoter of your business to their network – they are not disposable.  Richard Branson’s quote is apropos here – “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”  Without a great team dedicated to your customers, all other aspects are moot.

Build customer insights

What delights one customer persona may not be meaningful to your other personas.  That’s why it’s important to listen to what your customers are saying about you.  Leverage Hootsuite, Sprout Social or other social media monitoring app to discover what is being posted about your brand online.  Not only can these comments provide feedback, but these are invaluable opportunities for you to engage with your customers to right any wrongs – which will not only delight them, it will do so in a very public forum.  Conduct regular customer surveys with tools like SurveyMonkey to gain even more insight into what your business is doing right and what it’s doing wrong.  And finally, analyze the data you already have in your customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) to make inferences and discover patterns of delight.

Build trust

Leverage the insights you’ve gained to discover ways to build trust in your customers. For one thing, use the data you collect to inform your content.  Smart content (e.g. personalized email including an individual’s name, relevant CTAs based on a user’s behavior, etc.) will make the sales experience feel personalized, and will reinforce for your customers that you know them so are therefore trustworthy.  Conversely, blanketing all of your customers with exactly the same content at exactly the same time erodes that trust (how have you felt when you get a ‘deal’ for a product you just purchased?).

A great way to build trust in your customers is to follow through on the promises you make.  If your conversion funnel promises the content will hit users’ inboxes within the hour, make sure it is delivered on time.  Functioning links are a form of promise fulfillment as well, in that the user clicks the link for promised content which is then served.  So conduct a regular audit by clicking your site’s links to make sure they go where they say they will. 

Why build customer loyalty?

Forbes stated it perfectly – “Businesses with loyal customers grow faster than others when times are good, and they have the most breathing room when times are bad.”  This is because loyal customers have a significantly higher lifetime value for your cannabis business.  Loyal customers generally spend more per visit, they visit more often and they offer you low- or even no- cost-per-acquisition sale opportunities.  Their loyalty means they need little product education, and they often come directly to you to satisfy their need.  And of course, loyal customers often refer new customers to your business – giving you a chance to grow virally by delighting these new leads as well.

With a properly integrated POS-CRM-CMS system, you will be able to send very relevant messaging to your cannabis customers (e.g. a new product related to one of their past purchases).  Then, by building an all-star team devoted to continually pushing toward improvement and making the customer the center of your service delivery you’re sure to watch your reputation and your revenue grow.

Article by:

Chad Reiling
Digital Marketing Director
Studio 420 – A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency
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