Jun 08

Denver Company Turns in Application for Second Legal Cannabis Consumption Venue in the USA

Vape and Play, a startup company based in Denver, Colorado is aiming to open the second legal and public cannabis consumption venue in the US.

Owners submitted an application for a cannabis space permit to Denver Excise and Licensing Thursday June 7th. It will feature a lounge and entertainment space in addition to a one of a kind vape bar where customers can use proprietary vaporizing devices for either cannabis flower or concentrates. Vape and Play has been working on plans for this ground breaking business since late 2016 when the city of Denver passed an initiative legalizing cannabis lounges.

Co-owner Taylor Rosean, a veteran of Denver’s cannabis industry states “We want to set a high standard for cannabis consumption businesses in the United States. Legal social consumption of cannabis is the logical next step in our industry and we would like to set the bar very high for those busineess that follow us into this market”.

Currently, it is legal to buy cannabis products in Denver, but there is only one public consumption venue thus far, The Coffee Joint. A second applicant, Utopia Spa, was denied a permit last week due to too close of proximity to a daycare.

Vape and Play will open on South Broadway fall of 2018, in the heart of the “Green Mile” of Broadway dispensaries and within the boundaries of Overland Park and Historic Antique Row, a unique community of musical venues, restaurants, coffee shops and antique stores.

Additional information can be found on the Vape and Play website at