Oct 13

What is an Eco-friendly Cannabis Creative Agency?

With concerns over the environment being top of mind for many, and “going green” and “eco-friendly” being buzzwords, it seems as though just adding “green” or “eco” in front of anything makes it good for the environment.

Sadly, many agencies are claiming to be “eco-friendly” without actually walking the talk being an eco-friendly agency involves.

Being “eco-friendly” goes beyond just being aware of the environment. For Studio 420, an Eco-Friendly Creative Agency, we don’t just put eco-friendly in our name because we do a few things here and there that reduces our footprint. We make it a point to integrate an eco-friendly approach to all our business operations, believing that eco-friendly means doing everything we can to contribute to the sustainability of our communities and our entire planet.

This is the story of Studio 420 and our journey to becoming an eco-friendly creative agency.

An Office Without Walls

We’ve been in business since 1999, serving many businesses across the USA from our California and now Denver home-base. We also serve clients across the world with our European base in Malaga, Spain.

With a background in Silicon Valley, we were used to the traditional office model, where you had to have a physical space in order to do business. We were no strangers to large office buildings, rows of cubicles, large heating and cooling systems, fluorescent lighting, and all the overhead costs it involves to run an office.

Then communications, and the way people are doing business, started to change…

Bringing The World Together… Everywhere

Since we relied on modern communication tools to get most of our work done, we began to question the need for an office space. We learned that buildings, much like the ones we’ve been working in, take up 40% of the world’s energy sources.

Why take up extra space, pay heating and cooling bills, and require employees and clients to use transportation to come to a physical office when we could use communication to remove the need for a physical space?

In 2001 we made the move to being an agency without walls, meaning that we make the environment our workspace. We go where the work is, and the work comes with us. A team that enjoys the outdoors, it’s not uncommon to find us enjoying the scenery of one of the beautiful U.S. states or places around the world, while using the various tools available to us to serve our clients in an effective manner that doesn’t skip a beat.

Everyday Practices of an Eco-Friendly Business

When we moved out of the office, we reduced our carbon footprint tremendously. Employees weren’t using cars to get in to work, we didn’t have giant machines being constantly run sucking up power, and the reduction in power bills made a significant difference in our bottom line.

We saw how effective this was, but for us, to be truly eco-friendly, taking our operations outside the four walls of an office simply wasn’t enough.

Encouraging Local Sustainable Business

The great thing about the Studio 420 Network is that we’re extremely connected to each other through our work every day, but have a spread across many communities in the United States and the world. With this, no matter where we are, everything that we do in our work with clients and collaborators has the idea of sustainability in mind.

When we have meetings, we opt to go to local coffee shops that source coffee from sustainable coffee manufacturers through fair-trade practices. When we need work done like printing, we opt to go to smaller businesses in our communities rather than the giant big-box stores. When we hold events involving catering needs, we use companies who use sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients. The materials we use in branding are sourced through sustainable companies.

Being eco-friendly involves being part of the greater sustainability efforts in the place you’re in. It involves making informed consumer choices about what can help you reduce your impact on the planet.

Intentional Partnerships

Being an eco-friendly business also involves being intentional about the projects we take on. We want to ensure that the businesses we work with are doing what they can to reduce strain on our environment.

When you look at Studio 420’s portfolio, you’ll see that we have curated a group of clients that we believe make a positive impact on the world, where being “eco” doesn’t mean just doing something great for the environment but involves a commitment to building better communities. We always are curious to know “what else” our partners are doing to contribute to the greater ecosystem around them.

Being Involved in Sustainability Efforts

It’s important when we take on new clients that we discuss what being “eco” means and how that will work into our partnership together.

We’re always open to new ideas about how we can change our business operations to reduce even more of our carbon footprint, while engaging in the sustainability in the communities we live in.

Studio 420’s journey in being an “eco-friendly” agency will never come to a finish, as the goodness of our planet is a constant concern and innovative ways continue to emerge to help professionals reduce their impact on this planet.

What are some ways your agency is reducing their carbon footprint, contributing to your communities’ sustainability efforts and embodying an eco-friendly way of working?