Jul 03

Elevating the Importance of Medical Cannabis in the Days of Recreational Legalization

Suffice it to say, the discourse around both medical cannabis and recreational cannabis is growing stronger as medical cannabis takes hold in more states across the country, and recreational cannabis follows suit permeating certain pockets.

With such a shifting discourse, increased cannabis advertising, and reduction in stigmatization attached to cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes, it’s becoming more acceptable to discuss cannabis in the recreational context and celebrate the liberalization of the ways people use cannabis.

With recreational legalization, medical professionals still have a large role to play in ensuring we continue to elevate the benefits of cannabis for medical purposes. The shift to recreational legalization is not to be seen as detracting from the medical benefits of cannabis, and in many ways, the medical discourse must rise up to be stronger than ever to protect the integrity of the plant.

Here are a few ways that a partnership with Cannabis Medical Network can help medical cannabis doctors and medical cannabis dispensaries elevate the importance of medical cannabis in the days of recreational legalization:

Keep Cannabis Contextualized as Medicine

Recreational cannabis users may have different choices that lead up to their lighting up, but many of the times, medical users will have a very serious and very real medical problem they’re tackling with cannabis.

No matter why someone is using, cannabis use is a scientific and biological process that takes place when the cannabinoids contained in cannabis are being received by the endocannabinoid system and the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. Physiological, emotional and mental changes occur when the body is exposed to cannabis, which cannot be underestimated in the recreational space.

Language matters, and the words used in cannabis advertising are extremely important as the medical and cannabis community at large can’t afford to let our communications about cannabis – and the effects it has on people – to get less formal, less medical, or slide into characterizing cannabis as any less powerful in the medical space than it is.

Continue to Educate about Medical Cannabis

While some pockets of cannabis culture may find themselves becoming more relaxed in a shift to recreational legalization, it’s important that the community doesn’t stop educating on the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Making specific medical-focused content, like that of Cannabis Medical Network, continues to place cannabis as a potential treatment for some of the symptoms of the most serious disorders. Helping patients to see how cannabis has been used, and advocated for, in HIV/AIDs communities, cancer initiatives, and pain management forums to name just a few keep the education flowing for the medical uses of cannabis, and underlines why so many states are now embracing cannabis for medical purposes only.

It’s important that cannabis doctors and medical dispensaries continue to practice medical cannabis education so to ensure that the potentials of the plant are never underestimated or devalued by recreational legalization.

Stay in Your Lane

As more states begin to legalize for both medical and recreational use, some businesses are choosing to go the way of selling cannabis for both purposes.

Businesses who have been built on medical cannabis are benefitted from sticking to medical cannabis only. A switch to selling recreational cannabis alongside medical cannabis can be seen by some clients as a devaluing of someone’s medication and the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Medical users can feel threatened when they see their medicine being used for anything other than wellness.

Along with staying within medical cannabis comes not allowing your business to slide into cannabis culture too much. When a doctor’s office or medical dispensary partners with Cannabis Medical Network, they realize that we’re not out to provide “jokers, tokers, and smokers” with cannabis for fun; it’s a true partnership that seeks to continue to elevate the role and importance of medical cannabis in the larger cannabis movement.

All Medical, All The Time

Cannabis doctors who are concerned with keeping the medicinal benefits of cannabis at the forefront in the days of legalization are urged to connect with Cannabis Medical Network. Our conversations will be around how we can work together to curate and create relevant patient education that continues to elevate the incredible ways cannabis can be used in medical contexts.

We look forward to working with cannabis doctors and cannabis dispensaries that have continued their commitment to medical cannabis despite shifts in the way cannabis is seen in some pockets.