Oct 20

Features of Websites that Help Cannabis Brands Stand Out

The cannabis industry is becoming more sophisticated by the week, with branding and brand recognition being a goal for many cannabis businesses wanting to stand out.

Website design is a critical part of engaging your cannabis customer, with consumers making judgments on websites, and the attached businesses, in mere seconds, which either makes or breaks the chances of them engaging with your services and products.

Here are some important features of cannabis websites for brands that want to engage their customer online before their consumer experience.

Adult Audiences Only

The privilege of the cannabis movement comes with strict enforcement of no sales to minors, which extends into advertising and marketing regulations for cannabis businesses across the nation.

While each state has their laws in terms of packaging and labeling, the proximity of cannabis businesses to children, and other ways cannabis cannot be accessible to minors, there is a generally accepted rule: don’t make cannabis attractive to kids.

When considering website design, don’t use characters, celebrity endorsers, or kid-friendly graphics to market your cannabis product. First, in good taste, why would you? Second, it’s prohibited and ethically irresponsible to market cannabis products to those other than the age of majority.

It’s All in the Name

Domain name is important, so if you’re thinking of getting a cannabis business up and running, make sure you lock down your domain.

Domain names, as long as you get on them early, are usually pretty affordable, but as certain things become more popular, people eagerly snatch up good domain names as they increase in value.

Don’t brand something one way if your domain isn’t going to match. Look for cohesiveness in what you offer, your brand’s title, and the available domain names. Keep in mind, however, when you include “canna”, you often will have difficulty promoting your site through Facebook, Google or other social media due to their restrictions on “illegal” activities.

Make it Readable

Content is extremely important on your cannabis website, especially if you’re aiming to provide cannabis education or extended information on cannabis products and their effects on health.

Choosing a font that is unreadable will lessen the chances that your content will actually get read, and therefore valued.

Think about the reader of your cannabis business website. If they’re looking for information on cannabis for glaucoma on your website and it’s only tiny print, they’ll find a more accessible website. If you’re looking to engage the over-55 crowd, you’re also needing to provide a readable font that won’t provide a strain on the eye. Think about your reader, not only in font, but the way you use spacing and formatting as well.

Make Design Prime

When you work with Studio 420: A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency, you get an agency that puts design at the top, as you should with your cannabis business. With people having such short attention spans, and a penchant for quick judgment, you need to engage the eyes within the first millisecond your page loads.

Check out our portfolio to see the ways that Studio 420 puts design at the top of the list of how we serve our clients, making sure at all steps along the way that the design is in direct alignment with the company’s needs and values.

Connect with Studio 420: A Cannabis Friendly Creative Agency today to see how we can implement the best practices in website design, and more, into your cannabis business.