Jan 28

Is Your Cannabis Website Old? Stale? Slow? Here’s How We Can Fix That!

Are you like legions of other online marketers, and you simply don’t take the trouble to make sure your site is in fine fettle? You aren’t alone, as it’s very easy to neglect to do any spring cleaning. (and it doesn’t have to be spring!) However what you need to understand is that the consequences of doing so are very often lost sales, a mangled reputation and rising bounce rates.

This is like the disease you don’t see coming, that hits you before you know even feel sick. It is very real though, and understanding that like your vehicle, a website needs maintenance as well. These days it’s all too simple to have things creep into your code that, whether you intended to or not, has a major effect on its functionality and rankability.

So in the interest of keeping your site looking good, loading fast and making you money, here are 5 simple ways you can do a bit of website cleanup.

1. How quickly do your pages load? – It’s well known that you have but a few seconds (estimates range from 4 to 10) before someone will click out and go somewhere else. There are a number of ways you can encumber your pages to the point where they load like molasses. Lots of images and multiple videos may well look good, but take forever to load, particularly if you are on shared hosting. If your site is heavily flash-oriented, or if it’s simply too large or laden with loads of ads that are hosted elsewhere, you’ll find yourself waiting a long time. The really bad news is that Google will penalize your site in the search engine rankings for committing this sin.

2. Dead links and their brethren – Nothing says stale and outdated like dead links and pages for products or programs that no longer exist. Also, be doubly sure that you remove any dead links that lead to a 404 error page, as this can lead to search engine penalties as well. At the same time, you’ll want to make sure your code is compliant, and meets current standards.

3. Consider updating your look – While this site may have looked great 4 or 5 years ago, chances are you may want to update your visuals a bit. This can have many unseen advantages, as the new creation will very likely be more code clean, load a lot faster, and be able to utilize many of today’s new plugins, scripts and media.

4. Update your social media – Buttons that link to social media programs that no longer exist or are inactive not only will hurt your site in terms of search engine rankings, but will shout to the world that you don’t keep up your own site. Not only that, your social media buttons may need updating themselves, particularly if they are a WordPress plugin, as these often don’t keep up with the latest version of WordPress. Also, newer and powerful sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ may not be on there.

5. Freshening up your content – When’s the last time you posted? Google loves fresh content, and many different types of it! If you aren’t utilizing videos on your site, start. If you aren’t adding new content regularly, start. If you don’t have a comprehensive plan for keeping your site stocked with unique, interesting content, start one!

Keeping your site vibrant and current will pay off in many ways, not the least of which is the number of people excited to come around and ultimately share your site with others. Time to start cleaning up around here! Your visitors will thank you