Mar 31

Studio 420 Invited to Speak About Cannabis Marketing at the American Marketing Association in New Orleans on 4/20

Studio 420 has been invited to speak at the prestigious American Marketing Association in New Orleans on 4/20. The topic will be “Cannabis Challenges: How to Market a Stigmatized Product.”

It’s hard enough for marketers to get their messages heard on social media, but how much harder would it be if Facebook and Instagram erected barriers against your entire industry? How would you fare if Google Play and the iTunes Store routinely rejected your clients’ apps? Recreational marijuana is legal in a handful of states, but companies in this growing sector nevertheless face unique obstacles.

This presentation, appropriately scheduled on 4/20 and given by Studio 420’s Marketing Director Ashley Kingsley, a seasoned marketer specializing in consumer-facing marijuana companies, concerns the challenges of promoting a formerly illegal, still stigmatized product where the rules are in flux. Learn how to apply these lessons to your own marketing challenges and get ready for when eventual legalization comes to Louisiana. This presentation will include an extended Q&A period.

Ashley Kingsley, Marketing Director – Studio 420

Ashley Kingsley has been managing digital marketing campaigns for over 10 years. Kingsley is a solid social growth hacker with expertise in digital, social, word-of-mouth and multi-channel marketing. She has been honored as one of the ‘Top 50 Women to Follow on Social Media’ by Arrae Creative. Currently, she focuses on marketing cannabis-related products for clients of Studio 420, a branding digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado.

Learn more regarding the event at AMA New Orleans.