Sep 26

Twitter Hash tags and What They Mean For Your Cannabusiness

Are you a business owner or publicist, a promoter or non-profit volunteer? Social media is a powerful tool to help promote your goals, events and your business in general. One of the forerunners of social media promotion is Twitter, which utilizes a game-changing tool known as the “hash tag”. It’s a simple but powerful device that can spread news across the Internet in very short order. But as simple as the idea is, it can be somewhat difficult to implement for your own purposes if you are new to the concept of Twitter. In this article, we will learn some simple ways to implement the hash tag for use in promoting, say, an event. (of any sort)

First thing’s first, let’s define “hash tag”. Now you may know what a hashtag is, but how it works might be foreign. Read on. A hashtag is used to mark keywords and discussion topics within the confines of a “tweet.” A word or phrase preluded with a “#” symbol automatically changes that word or phrase into a link. When that link is clicked on, it will open up search results of tweets from other people who have used the same tag. Think of it as a file indexing system, the file-cabinet of Twitter.

Example: Let’s say that your company is holding a pie eating contest within it’s faculty to raise money for charity. This contest is to be called Epic Pie. In order to promote with hash tags, one would need to write a tweet from the official company Twitter account. Something like this:

“Don’t forget, next week is #EpicPie, sign ups to compete in the contest close Thursday at noon.”

Once that tweet is posted, any person that follows your company’s Twitter page will see the tweet and they can choose to either “Re-Tweet” (re-post your tweet with the hash tag) or write their own Tweet, (i.e: “#EpicPie tomorrow, so excited!”) Now both the original Tweet and any Tweets that follow will be indexed by the #EpicPie hash tag-so long as the tag is actually used, it’s not magic!)

Another, less specific example: let’s say there is a HUGE cancer-research benefit concert that your company is sponsoring, that’s been promoted everywhere (radio, TV, etc) and it definitely has some hype already built. We’ll call this concert, “Rock For The Cure”. As a sponsor, you want to get in on the publicity. So you type out a tweet on your company’s page along the lines of “Hope to see everyone at #RockForTheCure.” and anyone else who has tweeted about the concert will have access to your tweet by clicking that link.

A couple of points you’ll need to remember when promoting with Twitter: Remember to stick to one or two specific hashtags. Too many different tags can convolute search results and would be counter-productive to the cause. Also: Be simple. Use obvious but memorable tags so that your point is made clearly and concisely. Complex or vague tags can get lost in the ether of cyberspace because no one will re-tweet them.

Hash tags start discussions. Using the right hash tag at the right time can connect you with not only your own followers but anyone else who has used that specific tag, which could increase your own following and get your page more attention.

Finally, do not rely on Twitter alone. There are other social media platforms that can be utilized as well as radio and television advertising that can be done. If you follow these steps, have a little patience you can learn and study the art of hash tagging and you’ll soon be promoting with the best of them. Good luck!