Jul 30

How to Increase Your Company’s Content Marketing ROI with Business Blogging

Building a successful business blog takes time. There will be plenty of weeks where the last thing you feel like doing is creating another new blog post. You know business blogging is awesome for SEO (search engine optimization) and increasing your thought leadership status within your industry, but sometimes you just don’t feel the marketing mojo necessary to create content. If you want help learning how to become a better business blogger and improve your company’s content marketing ROI (return on investment), bear the following tips in mind.

 Develop Blogging Themes

One of the fastest ways to reduce your content marketing ROI is to confuse the readers of your company’s blog. If your content themes aren’t consistent, your audience won’t know what to expect from your business’ blog. While you don’t want to blog on the same topics week after week, you do want an over-arching theme to your blog, e.g. digital marketing tips, industry news, etc. Establish a theme for your business’ blog and then stick to your chosen theme to ensure you can build your readership without confusing them in the process.

Build Engagement with Your Readers

If you want readers to keep coming back to your business’ blog, you must reward them for their readership. Blog comment interaction is essential. Chat with them on social media when they comment on your social media posts about your blog. If you are not engaging with your blog’s readers online, they will slowly stop reading and your content marketing ROI will be reduced.

Emotional Impact

Pay attention to the emotional impact of your blog posts. Do most of your blog posts have a negative connotation or are they generally positive and uplifting? Do your readers feel motivated after reading or your content or frustrated with their futures? If you want to increase your company’s content marketing ROI, you must make your readers feel good about consuming your content. Failure to do so can mean your readership drops and you end up blogging for a smaller audience.

Incorporate these business blogging tips into your digital marketing strategy and you will be impressed at what a positive influence content marketing can have on your company. Your return-on-investment won’t happen overnight, but you can grow your company through business blogging if you are consistent and attentive to your target audience’s needs.