Jul 31

Ecommerce Engagement Hacks: 12 Ways to Skyrocket Your Online Sales Conversions

Tons of traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into tons of ecommerce sales. The level of engagement that your visitors have with your products and content will determine your conversion percentages. So, how can you get the most engagement on your e-commerce site in order to increase your sales numbers? Here are a few ways.

1. Create strategically placed lead magnets

Lead magnets provide you with great opportunities to capture visitor contact information. The best way to get them to do submit their details is to offer them something for free in exchange for it. Consider offering free ebooks, resources, how-to guides, and sample products. Also, make it quick and convenient for them by only asking for their first name and their email

2. Overcome Objections Within Your Content

Whether it’s on checkout pages or on each product pages (or even the homepage), be sure to overcome your customer’s potential buying objections. Buyers want to be confident when purchasing from you, so be sure highlight things such as refunds and guarantees, free installation or shipping, or warranties that may be included in your offerings.

3. Launch a Loyalty Program

Repeat customers provide your business with the stability needed for longevity and growth. In order for customers to feel a sense of loyalty to your brand, you must first provide them with top-notch products and support. Next, you must demonstrate that you appreciate their business. Loyalty programs make your customers feel important and encourage them to continually choose your brand for their needs. Use value points and other reward programs to keep your customers spending with your brand.

4. Offer Wishlists

Sometimes visitors aren’t ready to buy when they visit your site. Use wishlists to allow them to save items that they can come back to and view at a later time. Not only can this decrease your percentage of abandoned carts, but it makes it easier for them to buy quickly once they return.

5. Let Previous Buyers Sell for You

Scan your social media profiles and feedback reviews to find the best testimonials and mentions from customer’s who’ve purchased from you. They can be in the form of written reviews, video testimonials, or blog/article mentions. Social proof will always help to win over new customers and user-generated content can be a great way to convince prospects to buy your products.

6. Use Suggestive Selling

List the top-selling products in each product category to help buyers choose between various offerings. This makes it easier for visitors to come to a decision and it caters to their natural human inclination to follow the crowd.

7. Give Out Free Stuff

Use giveaways and contests to offer prizes, products, and other items to your customers for free. This can be for new product introduction, ongoing engagement campaigns, or as part of a local event that you can participate in. Customers love when brands offer them free things, especially it’s a brand that they love. 

8. Get In The  “in crowd”

Use influencers and celebrities to participate in any trends that may be applicable to your campaigns. They can offer a great way to create brand awareness, receive new mentions, and show your customers how fun your brand is. Remember the ice bucket challenge by ALS?

9. Highlight Related Products 

Customers often need additional items such as accessories or service offerings with higher capabilities such as premium or enterprise plans. So why not offer them right on the site? This provides the perfect opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling your other products. 

10. Offer A Little Inspiration

Products aren’t the only way to reel in your visitors. Sometimes customers visit online stores simply for inspiration, ideas, and new creative concepts. Create optimized pages on your store that are centered around specific related keywords (use Google Keyword Tool) that online searchers may be looking for in your niche. Example: “Medieval bedroom ideas for your home.”

11. Provide Live Assistance

Online visitors often have questions about products and service options and are looking for quick answers before clicking the “buy now” button. Create sales helplines and online chat systems that can quickly address potential buyers who may be ready to buy.

12. Showcase Your Causes

Connect with your visitor’s humanitarian side by highlighting your charitable efforts and campaigns. Weave in verbiage from your value statement and be sure to link to the sites of your charities to encourage your visitors to check them out. 

Increasing the engagement on your e-commerce site is an ongoing task. There are tons of ways to keep visitors engaged so be sure to always test out which strategies are providing you with the highest (and fastest) conversions.