In a digital age when algorithms, platforms, and technology change rapidly, it’s hard to maintain a successful business growth tactic to keep pace. If you don’t know what to focus on, look at the numbers.

Everything that is consumer driven is easily trackable.  Brands can track ad performance, clicks, how long people stay on a site, and what content they engaged with. Business today is driven by analyzing these metrics and determining how this information will impact growth down the line.

Here is a quick write-up of what tale the numbers tell in website design, branding, and marketing to help you grow your business without the confusion.


64% of consumers create a trust relationship with a brand based on shared values.

What’s your core value? Consumers, particularly the younger generations, want to know what you stand for. They gravitate to your personality and the humanity in your messaging, and reward you with brand loyalty if they feel a connection.

Keep consistent brand presentation across platforms, and watch your revenues go up by 23%.

Branding goes beyond logo design. When you finalize your overall aesthetic to fully fit your brand identity and core values, keep the messaging consistent across all channels (social media, product packaging, and even invoices) by maintaining the same color scheme, tone, and feel of your brand.

Improve brand recognition by 80% with smart use of color.

Color has the power to evoke both emotion and action. Marry the feelings and actions you want your consumers to experience to your brand through a signature color. A logo that has a cohesive, memorable color palette, throughout all marketing efforts, ensures your brand stands out from the rest through positive associations.  Make sure to pick your color wisely.


Save 31-41% on content marketing vs. paid search.

Investing in content marketing is a proven strategy; content marketing efforts generate 3x the leads per dollar spent than does paid search. Also, any blog, white paper, video production, webinar, or post you create for content marketing can serve double duty as social media marketing and email campaigns, doubling your value.

64% of consumers make a purchase after viewing a branded social video.

People would rather watch a video than read. When that video persuades them to buy what you’re selling, you have created a powerful branded social video presence that enhances your authority in your field. This can come in the form of Instagram stories, demonstrations, influencer reviews, or short brand videos.

Email has a median return on investment of 122%.

If that number surprises you, you’re not alone. In a world that seems dominated by Instagram double-taps and influencer marketing, email marketing presents an ROI that is over four times higher than other marketing formats. If you have the strategy down, you can depend on email marketing to remain a reliable source of cost-effective growth.

A few helpful tips for a successful email campaign to keep in mind:

-Keep the campaigns scarce, especially in the space of one day. Less is more; no one wants to be bombarded with never-ending campaigns.

-KISS Principle- Keep it Short and Simple. Avoid long paragraphs and too much text.

-Keep a schedule- Consumers like knowing when to expect a message from you, so don’t disappoint them.

Facebook Ad revenue in the US will surpass total print ad spending by 2019.

Not surprisingly, digital ads are overshadowing their paper-based counterparts with their ability to reach millions more people with targeted demographics and consumer metrics. Facebook in particular seems to be the favorite among business owners, given its 1.47 billion daily active users. In short, if you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re missing out.

Web Site Design

Generate up to 220% more leads with long landing pages

The days of above-the-fold calls to action are gone. The numbers show that today’s consumer prefers dedicated landing pages outlining key points and information. To use this strategy, make sure initiatives, specific campaigns, sales, and other promotions have their own landing page. This will ensure you’re getting your message out to the masses in an effective way, while keeping your beautiful homepage intact.

38% of users will stop interacting with a website if the layout is unattractive.

Just as foot traffic diminishes if a store-front is shabby, consumers will leave a shabby website just as quickly. 39% will stop engaging if the images don’t load. Another 39% will stop engaging if the site itself takes too long to load. These two factors are the equivalent of someone walking into an attractive store to be greeted by silence, where no one’s home.

Avoid these pitfalls by optimizing your site. Improve search engine rankings with SEO optimization, check your image size, and double check your loading time. Invest in intuitive, user friendly web design that takes into account the consumer’s experience on your site first and foremost. This extends the length of time they remain on your site, and increases the chances that they will make a purchase.

By 2021, mobile e-commerce will account for 54% of all online sales.

Mobile e-commerce is increasing in tandem with the amount of time consumers spend on their mobile devices. It only makes sense to ensure that your website is mobile-optimized, with intuitive navigation, simple check-out, responsive screen resolution, and uncluttered design. Having a strong, onmi-channel marketing strategy ensures your sales process is consistent across every medium, thus improving your brand identity, and creating that relationship of trust with your consumers.

All these strategies have one thing in common: they are driven by consumer behavior and backed by strong numbers. If you’re not sure how these concepts apply to your business, or how to best implement them, contact our design team at Studio 420 for a no obligation, project cost analysis at 720-279-1289.