Our Services

You have just a few short seconds to interest today’s empowered cannabis customers in doing business with your company. 

Make that time count with a brand and website that instantly conveys credibility and your unique value proposition to them.

We take special pride in developing projects with, not for, our clients. Your project is developed with a clear understanding of your business objectives, target audience and marketing objectives. What does this philosophy mean to you? It means you will always get our best work and utmost attention, no matter what your marketing budget.

Studio 420 harnesses the right people and tools to ensure the success of your web initiative.

We have extensive experience in assisting clients develop, promote, expand or reinvent their web presence. We place a high premium on understanding your business objectives and working with you to build solutions that match them. Superior products coupled with an unsurpassed level of customer service, perfectly positions us to help you achieve success on any website project, regardless of size, scope or level of complexity.

Branding & Corporate Identity

We develop corporate identity and brand strategies for your cannabis or medical marijuana business that help clients clearly and compellingly communicate a differentiated, relevant and lasting impression. Our creative team will help you craft a brand that resonates with your goals and your customers.

A brand has been defined as a collection of experiences and associations connected with a service, a person or any other entity. Today, brands have become increasingly important components of culture and the economy, now being described as “cultural accessories and personal philosophies.”

Companies depend on fresh design and original branding ideas to help achieve their success. Our creative design professionals know how to forge the strategic core of a brand, then bring it into the design studio and make it come to life. Examples of our services include:

  • Marijuana logo design and branding
  • Cannabis marketing collateral and brochures
  • Social media page design

Whether it’s 140 characters or hundreds of pages, we’ll be sure that whoever needs to get your message gets it loud and clear.

Product Packaging Design

Are you turning away potential customers? Have you ever seen a poorly designed package or sign and instantly felt skeptical about whatever services or products the company was offering? Quite often, the first thing your potential customers use to assess your company’s credibility is your brand.

Our design team combines an excellent visual sense with a unique understanding of cannabis design aesthetics and new media technology. We stay abreast of all the latest design trends and technology so we can quickly put new innovations and fresh ideas to work for your business, giving you an edge in communicating with and converting customers. Our designers are proficient in producing high-quality graphics with the finest graphic editing and vector-based software in the industry.

Web Design & Development

Off-the-shelf applications don’t always meet the unique needs of your organization. Our programming team will guide you from a business idea to the implementation of a cost-effective, web-based software solution.

We deliver valuable business tools that drive engagement and bring effective strategy to life. In building advanced web application programs and rich internet software solutions, our development team places significant emphasis in defining the initial project architecture and scope of work. This ensures that our programs will have a long life cycle-and be easy to use and maintain as technology evolves.

You will have control of your website content via one of our content management platforms (CMS). We typically use WordPress for a small to medium size sites and ExpressionEngine for a larger, enterprise-level project. We also offer custom programming and application development.

Whether it’s a small brochureware site with only a few pages or a complex website hundreds of pages and third party software integration, we have a solution for your cannabusiness.

Ecommerce & Online Shopping

Drive your cannabis business growth by enabling revenue with ecommerce and online shopping. The Internet is a force that gives small companies the ability to reach new audiences in a cost-effective way and level the playing field against larger competitors. We’ll help turn your business into an online cash register.

Unfortunately, many small business owners are hesitant to start selling on the Internet due to concerns about costs and technology. If you’re facing these concerns, there’s good news! The costs of starting a website are much less than you might think.

Affordable technology solutions and experts are readily available to help you get online and increase your sales quickly. Ecommerce has become a requirement for survival—it offers numerous benefits, including reduced costs, faster time-to-market, and broader market reach. Isn’t it time that you started selling online?